HMR (Hoffman Mountain Ranch)

Paso Robles
Adelaida District
Current Owner
Van Steenwyk family
Planted by
John Whitener
Location Notes

Hoffman Mountain Ranch (HMR) is a celebrated vineyard in the hills of Paso Robles’ Adelaida District. The vineyard is planted on limestone (>50% calcium carbonate) and clay at 1400-1700′, 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


Adelaida Vineyards & Winery

Historical Producers

HMR Winery 1972.



Planted in 1964 with Pinot noir and “Gamay” (UCD characterized it as Pinot noir in 2016). Cabernet Sauvignon was planted on a parcel here in 1973 but that piece has since been removed. Pinot noir totals 34 acres, with 23 of those acres original and producing 1.5 tons per acre. The remaining 11 acres were taken as cuttings from the original. HMR Ranch totals about 400 acres, with about 100 planted to vines. 

Andre Tchelistcheff was consulting winemaker on this vineyard beginning in 1973. The soil pH of 8.1-8.3 results in wines with a low pH, as the limestone restricts the ability of the roots to suck up potassium. 

So, this warm region vineyard produces pinot noir, as well as Chardonnay and a dozen Rhone varietals, with attributes–notably high acid–associated with cool climate wines. 


Unknown rootstock and clone for the Pinot noir, but the leaves and cluster morphology suggest Martini clone on St. George. Pinot noir and the white varietals are planted East West while the Rhone varietals are planted N/S. The majority of the plantings are on VSP. There is also 20+ acres Zinfandel that’s head-trained with no irrigation. Slopes to about 25%.

Submitted by
Jeremy Weintraub