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Ibarra-Young Vineyard was planted by Charlotte Young in 1971 and is still owned by her three daughters. Charlotte’s right-hand man, Miguel Ibarra, joined her in stewarding the land shortly after planting and continued to work on the vineyard for more than 35 years. Today, we celebrate this duo by designating these 10 acres as the Ibarra-Young Vineyard.

Ibarra-Young Vineyard was one of the first vineyards planted in the Santa Ynez Valley and has so much soul you can feel it. The first 3 acres were planted in 1971 and 3 more acres were planted in 1973. In the late 90’s, Bob Lindquist completed Ibarra-Young’s current planted acreage with what we fondly deem as the “young vines.”

The vineyard is planted to Syrah and Mourvèdre planted in 1971, Marsanne planted in 1973, as well as suitcase clone Tempranillo and Graciano planted in the late 90’s. Everything on the property is own-rooted and has been farmed organically since 1993. We began leasing and farming this land at the end of 2019 and have since employed holistic, regenerative organic, and biodynamic practices to reinvigorate the soils that have been working hard for over half a century.

​Our goal is to rebuild an ecosystem of native species that live alongside our vine rows, regenerate soil health, and grow the highest quality grapes this site can give. We believe the best wine grapes are grown with minimal inputs and conscious vineyard management. We reject a systematic schedule for viticulture and farming in general. We believe that by working in conjunction with nature we can increase biodiversity and soil health, minimize unnecessary sprays, minimize tractor passes and compaction, decrease water use, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Join us on this journey of unconventional viticulture. We aspire to prove that through dedication and hard work, remarkable wines can be made with minimal intervention in a vineyard that flourishes alongside a healthy living ecosystem.

Source: Âmevive Website

Submitted by
Alice Anderson