Alfred Frediani Vineyard

Napa County
Planted by
Alfred Frediani
Location Notes

At the end of Pickett Road in Calistoga


Al Frediani’s father bought this land, now prized for quality soils and climate, just after the beginning of the 20th-century, and Al lived there until his passing in 2018 at the age of 96. The Carignane vines existed when Al’s father purchased the land and Al estimated that they were planted in 1901. Al planted the Petite Sirah blocks himself in the 1930s. The soils here at the end of Pickett Road in Calistoga are some of the most beautiful, rocky golden alluvial soils of volcanic origin in all of Napa Valley. The famous vineyard directly adjacent to the southwest has proven the quality of these soils to the public, but insiders and intelligent winemakers have been crowing about the quality of Al’s site for decades.

Since 2009, the Petite Sirah and Carignane vine have made up a significant portion of Ritual and beginning in 2010 we have made a vineyard-designate Petite Sirah from these venerable old vines. The vineyard has always been farmed organically and is also dry-farmed. Since Al’s death, his son Steve has taken the reins and continues doing the good work taking care of this treasured vineyard.