Hofer Ranch

Cucamonga Valley
San Bernardino
Current Owner
Hofer Family
Location Notes

The Hofer Ranch is located in the Cucamonga Valley in San Bernardino County within the city boundary of Ontario California and adjacent to the Ontario International Airport. The address is 11248 S. Turner Avenue, Ontario CA 91761.


Galleano Winery

A Tribute to Grace Wine Co.

LePoidevin Cellars

Scar of the Sea Wines


Historical Producers

Cucamonga Vintage Company 1920 – 1927

Cucamonga Pioneer Vineyard Association 1934 – 1970

Galleano Winery 1960 – Current


Sanford Ballou purchased the ranch in 1882. By 1915, the ranch had expanded to 960 acres including apricot and peach orchards, wine grapes, and raisins. By 1930, the ranch was primarily planted to vineyard. The entire vineyard was planted and is maintained today on its own roots. All vines are head-trained and organically grown and they are currently being farmed by Paul Hofer III.

Paul Ballou Hofer helped create the Cucamonga Vineyard Association in 1934 as Cucamonga Valley’s first wine-producing and marketing cooperative controlled by local growers.

The Hofer Ranch was added as a Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.


The 15 acres of old vines at Hofer Ranch include Grenache, Mission, Pedro Ximenez, and Rose of Peru.

Submitted by
Gino L. Filippi