Kronos Vineyard

St. Helena
Napa County
Current Owner
Cathy Corison

Kronos was one of the Titans in Greek mythology, the sons of heaven and earth. That is right where wine sits for Cathy, between earth and sky. Located by William Martin and purchased in 1995, Kronos Vineyard is one of the last old Cabernet vineyards in the Napa Valley. Planted in 1971 on St. George rootstock, which is completely resistant to Phylloxera, the gnarly, wise old ladies are over 50 years old! Yields are pitifully low at 1.25 tons/acre, but the singular wine it produces proves it to be one of the great Cabernet vineyards of the world. Cathy considers it a gift to have the opportunity to work with these old vines because they yield concentrated, complex, inky, structured, aromatic wines at very moderate alcohols. Farmed sustainably from the beginning, these deep-rooted veterans sail through any weather.