Pato Vineyard

Contra Costa
Contra Costa
Current Owner
Contra Costa County Water District, leased and farmed by Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co.

Historical Producers

Rosenblum, Ridge Vineyards, The Prisoner Wine Co., Neyers


From the Bedrock Wine Co. website:

“We’ve been farming Pato vineyard since 2012 and made our first vineyard-designated wine from this beautiful place in 2016. Planted in 1905 and located on the interior edge of Oakley, this well-known site (Ridge, Rosenblum, Neyers and others have vineyard-designated it in the past) is own-rooted and planted on the famous Delhi sands that define the area. Pato wines are completely different expression of the area than Evangelho—the site tends towards slightly higher pHs and a riper expression of the area. Here, dark fruit dominates, in part due to the larger percentage of Petite Sirah. The sandy soils provide supple texture and polish but there is considerable fruit weight.”

Submitted by
Morgan Twain-Peterson