Contra Costa
Contra Costa
Current Owner
Estate of Stanley Planchon
Historical Producers

Rosenblum, Cline


The 6.65-acre vineyard on Empire Avenue is what remains from the original 40-acre homestead planted by Joseph Planchon in 1902. According to the family oral history, he paid a $10 gold coin for the land “bought from the railroad.”

The vineyard is planted in alluvial sands. It is primarily Zinfandel with some interplanted Merlot and Barbera. The vines thrive in the hot summer days and cooler nights with the Delta breeze. One of the most inland vineyards in Oakley, it tends to be a warmer site than the vineyards situated closer to the Delta.

The roots grow deep in the sand, finding scarce water in a drought. The old gnarly zinfandel vines are old world head-pruned on their original rootstock. They produce grapes that tend to be bold, stout, and full of flavor. The property produces heavy but quality crops on such a small acreage with as much as 25 tons or more in a good year with most of it coming from the old vines section of the vineyard.

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Liz DiGiorgio