Graziano Vincenzo Vineyard

Current Owner
Gregory Graziano
Planted by
Vincenzo Graziano, Joseph Graziano and August Solomon
Location Notes

Located on a bench above the village of Calpella and the Russian River. About 10 miles north of the city of Ukiah, California.


Graziano Family of Wines
Touchstone Winery
Longboard Vineyards
Comanche Winery

Historical Producers

Gallo Winery 1940’s- 1060’s
Mendocino Vineyards 1950’s-1960’s
Cresta Blanca Winery 1960’s- 1970’s
Frey Vineyards 1970’s- 2014


Wines produced from this vineyard produce wines with complex aromas and flavors of ripe red fruits and berries and notes of floral and earth tones. Great structure of tannin’s and acidity produce a wine that will age gracefully.


Mendocino County has more old-vine Carignane than any other county on the coastal counties of California. This and many other old-vine Carignane vineyards in Mendocino County were mainstays of the famous red wines of Italian Swiss Colony, Gallo Winery (Hearty Burgundy), Cresta Blanca Winery, Sebastiani and Parducci Winery. The acreage of old-vine Carignane is dwindling every year and needs to be saved.


8 acres of this 15 acre vineyard are planted to head-trained spur-pruned old-vine Carignane on Saint George rootstock. Planted with 8×8 and 8×10 spacing on 2-3 ft. deep soils on rocky white clay-loam soils. For most of its 80 years this vineyard has been organically grown and dry-farmed.

Submitted by
Gregory Graziano